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The Learning Journey

What's More Ethical Than Recycled Gold? | luxe.zen

What's More Ethical Than Recycled Gold?

You can’t claim that your recycled gold is ethical simply because it’s recycled. The gold recycled to then become jewellery components is not always from jewellery originally, and the gold that’s melted down for jewellery can come from almost anywhere.
The Buying Process of Ethical Gemstones | luxe.zen

The Buying Process of Ethical Gemstones

Imagine gathering up all of the gemstones you’ve worked so hard to mine by hand over the last few months, placing them in a bag, and hopping on your local bus bound for another town where local gemstone dealers gather. Here the gemstones that you’ve worked so hard to mine from the earth will be a...
Are Canadian Diamonds Ethical? | luxe.zen

Are Canadian Diamonds Ethical?

We often assume that in countries like Canada and the United States, businesses and governments operate ethically and don’t ever violate human rights. When it comes to the gemstone and metal mining sector, we may think that our robust laws governing wages, working conditions, and environmental pr...
Gemstones & The Mob | luxe.zen

Gemstones & The Mob

When you think of gemstones, you may not often think of organized crime, yet all over the world, organized crime and gemstones are found to frequently have an intricate and dangerous relationship. In our continuing effort to ethically source our materials, we’re constantly learning more about wha...
Why Does Ethically Sourced Cost More? | luxe.zen

Why Does Ethically Sourced Cost More?

Ethically sourced crystals and gems will oftentimes cost more than their non-ethically sourced counterparts - but do you know why? The key word is “ethical” and this is something that’s so important to us at luxe.zen. A large component  of ethical sourcing is ensuring that all people in the sup...
Inclusivity in Sizing | luxe.zen

Inclusivity in Sizing

This happens too often: you find something you absolutely love, but it’s not available in your size. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for your partner, or a beautiful piece for yourself, sizing can be an issue, even with accessories like jewellery. At luxe.zen, we believe all bodies are good bo...