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What's More Ethical Than Recycled Gold? | luxe.zen

What's More Ethical Than Recycled Gold?

You can’t claim that your recycled gold is ethical simply because it’s recycled. The gold recycled to then become jewellery components is not always from jewellery originally, and the gold that’s melted down for jewellery can come from almost anywhere.
Inclusivity in Jewelry Sizing | luxe.zen

Inclusivity in Jewellery Sizing

This happens too often: you find something you absolutely love, but it’s not available in your size. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for your partner, or a beautiful piece for yourself, sizing can be an issue, even with accessories like jewellery. At luxe.zen, we believe all bodies are good bo...
Leave No Gemstone Behind | luxe.zen

Leave No Gemstone Behind

As a multitude of factors contribute to the formation of most mineral deposits, only a fraction of the deposit may be considered of fine enough quality for the jewellery industry.