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our most ethical collection

gems traceable to the individual miner from Tanzania's Umba Valley

Moyo Gems

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  • How do we know Moyo Gems are ethical?

    As Moyo Gems are traceable down to the individual miner and purchased directly, there is less chance for exploitation. The program offers miners a safe place to sell their gems and parcels are reviewed one at a time for quality and miners are paid directly and immediately for their stones. Miners in the program self report earning 3-10x more here than relying on the traditional local broker system.

  • Besides pay, how to miners benefit from participating?

    Miners recieve free workplace safety training, gemology training and assistance in obtaining the legal permits required to mine. Miners are also members of local mining cooperative organization that facilitates a sense of community and knowledge sharing.

  • Where can I learn more about the program?

    Learn more about Moyo Gems here